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Everyone is welcome to use my animated gifs on their pages for FREE, but I would appreciate a link from your page to my page, as shown here:

<href="http://www.dtpe.com/">DTP Express Home Page</a>


Give a donation to the Chinese Presbyterian Church of Oakland

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Download Instructions:

If you are using Netscape or Explorer to download any animated gif on my page, follow these steps:


  1. Place your mouse pointer over the gif you wish to download.
  2. Click and hold down the mouse button until you get a pulldown menu which says, "View this image" "Save this image as..." etc.
  3. Use the "Save this image as..." option and save the image to your hard drive.
  4. This option automatically saves the image as a gif and then you can add it onto your web page (by using the <SRC="name_of_file.gif">tag) and it will be animated, as you see it on my page.

PJ's Animated Gif Collection:

Holiday Gifs

Celebration Gifs

  • Anniversary
  • Baby
  • Celebrate
  • Celebrate 2
  • Happy Birthday (Big)
  • Happy Birthday
  • Party
  • Party 2

Web Page Gifs

  • "Click Here" Banner
  • Coming Soon
  • Day to Night
  • Day to Night 2
  • Love, Joy, Peace Heart
  • Love, Joy, Peace Heart 2
  • New!
  • Ying & Yang Symbol
  • Ying & Yang Symbol 2



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